ep006 The profit in saying “No”

It’s been too long, almost six months since my last blog entry. Work and family obligations tend to make one hang up the “want-to’s” in favor of the “have-to’s”. I finally have an installment that I’m pleased with. My daughter was a big help with this one, proving what I long suspected, that I am better working with a living, breathing human in the room instead of just myself.

We get into an overview of mentionable projects and happenings since December, and a small review of the Sharpenair airbrush needle sharpener. We also touch on a few Tamco products, including the new Tamco Intensity colors! We revisit a long overdue weekend with the guys from Pinheads and then it’s onto the main topic.

Other friends mentioned:
Steve “Wizard” Chaszeyka

Steele Kustoms

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  • Pirate and Dutchman
    Pirate and Dutchman
  • Vampirella
  • Good and Evil Skull Hood finished
  • Boat paint fix
  • Pennywise
  • Shattered
  • Blue Fire Over Pittsburgh
  • Blue skulls and fire
  • Hot Rod Memorial
  • Purple Fire
  • Purple Fire
  • Purple Fire
  • Styx PPG award
  • Styx Charon
  • PPG Platinum Distributor
  • PPG Platinum Distributor
    PPG Platinum Distributor
  • Green Rice Rocket
  • Green Rice Rocket
  • Green Rice Rocket
  • Walther Dragon
  • Walther Dragon

Tiger tank fix







Trike rear door silhouette solution.

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